Father Figure (kalban) wrote,
Father Figure

On the polling process

What's with everyone talking about getting "I voted" stickers? I have never seen one and yet the national media talks about them like it's part of the electoral process. Although there was coffee and cinnamon buns available free for voters where I voted. Way better than a sticker.

Also, what's up with churches being polling places? In the tiny town I grew up in it made some sense since it was the only building large enough that wouldn't be disturbed by a constant stream of people coming and going. But the church I voted at today was less than a mile from a conference center. I bet the poll venue influences a lot of voters. If you go to church and have the preacher tell you how you should be voting, it's hard not to vote that way while still in a church.

Just a few lunch break thoughts. Man, I love being able to post from my phone.

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